My name is Agnesa.
    ❤ “I’m a fun-loving girl, to be sure,” Agnesa says. “I think that in life, you get only so many opportunities to do the things you have always wanted to do. That means that when an opportunity presents itself, you’ve got to take it. You can’t let doubt or fear hold you back. ❤ And you can’t afford to hesitate. One of my favorite sayings is, ‘he who hesitates is lost.’ We have to be decisive because life doesn’t care if we get in on the opportunities we want, or not. ❤ It just is. Time passes whether we waste it or whether we have fun or whether we are productive. I think everyone should really stop and think, seriously, about what they want to accomplish in life. If you’re not happy, why aren’t you? You have to figure it out. You have to seize it and do it.” ❤
    Agnesa continues, “There’s a riddle going around that I’ve heard before. If you were to be told you had only one week to live, how would you spend that week? What would you do with each of the days of that week? The perfectly happy person would spend it doing exactly what they are doing now. ❤ But someone who is unhappy, who would suddenly make changes, should really stop and ask himself or herself why those changes can’t be made now. You’re only going to live for so long. Why spend it being miserable? Why tolerate ever being unhappy if you have the power to change it?” ❤ Agnesa concludes, “We’re all the captains of our souls. We’re all the masters of our fates. You’ve got to realize early in life that you’re in charge. After all, if you don’t control you and your life, who does? I refuse to live as a slave.” ❤