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    ❤ My name is Karla, a Latin girl from Venezuela living in Swiss Capital last 5 years…
    Karla admits that she loves attention and she loves showing off her body. That’s one of the reasons she was happy to join our stable of escorts. Bern maybe her city of choice, but she dreams of travel and of seeing the world. She also considers herself a very sensuous person. ❤ “I have always wanted to get around and see different parts of the country, or go to different countries,” she says. “Most importantly, though, I want to really get to know Bern and the rest of Switzerland. If you think about it, there is so much here that is incredible. ❤ This is a small country. We should all be more careful about really getting to know our own country before we decide to go somewhere else, because honestly, why would you step foot in another country until you had really explored your own? ❤ I dream of taking an elaborate road trip, you know, the one that takes you all around the country to see different things. I want to visit the world’s largest ski slopes, see all the swiss alps, go to all the big tourist sites and landmarks. I think photos and videos of a trip like that would be great fun.” ❤ Karla’s hot body is also her ticket to the lifestyle she wants, and she knows it. “People always give me attention. I’m used to it,” she says. “But the thing is, after a while, you realize there are plenty of pretty girls in the world. There has to be something else to offer behind all that.< You have to have a personality that men can really respond to. I’m proud to say that, yes, I have that. I’m the whole package, baby, and I do think you’ll really enjoy going out with me.” ❤